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5 Hottest Prank Toys This Of Year

Glorious pranks can make people look stupid, embarrass people, ruin someone's day, or scare the ever-living hell out of your selected victims. Some pranks are as easy as give them gross things, whereas some pranks are as intricate, devious, and elaborate as shocking them with electricity. This list of 5 unique prank items will surely help you on your way to achieving your pranks.

1. The Spider Scare Box

The Spider Scare Box is superior! This box contains a hidden secret that should get more than just a slight reaction from an unsuspecting passerby. Startles and scares even the most stoic! Encased in this simple wooden box is a plastic spider that will surprise anyone trying to open your box. Funny and easy to use. Just set it out and let curiosity take over! 

2. Prank Scary Monkey

With little sneekums, get ready, hide, and surprise! Furry friend that pops up anywhere! Surprise your coworkers anytime! There are three modes to choose from: Button mode, built-in timer mode, and wire mode. No batteries required. Includes putty, so you can put your sneekums anywhere. Put it in a cup or pocket, and watch your unsuspecting office mates jump as you make it pop up

3. Toilet Prank Toy

Catching your victims unawares is simple: just fill the bottom with water, ensure the lid is closed, then leave the toilet toy on your desk for someone to inspect. When they open the lid, a stream of water sprays their face through the 3D poop emoji as you bask in all that pranking glory.

4. Remote Control Toy Snake

Get ready to be amazed by the realistic motion of this Remote Control Toy Snake. Prank your friends, family, colleagues and even your dogs and cats by moving this scary snake across the floor, and watch it swiftly slither with its retractable tongue and swinging tail. This is the favorite toy people who love to make jokes. This insanely realistic snake will give you hilarious reactions from people surprised by it!


5. Shocking Fun Ball

This ball will shock the one who hold it (it can be considered as a party fun toy too). When turned on, this futuristic-looking orb emits mild electric shocks every 10 to 30 seconds. Pass the ball back and forth like a hot potato. The unlucky one who receives the random shock.


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